CST161: Web Site Design

Project 1:  Informational Website

An example page for the Project 1 website is shown below.  Complete the web document following the instructions for the assignment described below.

CST161 Project 1

Complete the following:

  1. For this assignment you will be creating an informational website that is descriptive of some topic that interests you; it may be about anything and could be professional, educational, personal interest, etc.
  2. Using an HTML editor, create the Project1.htm and Project1.css files inside a "Project 1" folder
  3. Start by creating the basic structure for the HTML document
  4. Go to the Project1.htm file in the editor and add a link to the Project1.css style sheet file in the document head
  5. Add an appropriate title to the head section
  6. Start by creating a page title using one of the major HTML heading tags; add a selector to the stylesheet document that centers this heading
  7. Now divide the rest of the document into at least two sections; for each of the sections there should be a subtitle using a heading tag smaller than the one used for the page title followed by at least two paragraph elements
  8. Finally complete the document by researching (on the Internet or other sources) and adding more elements to the HTML and/or more rules or rule sets to the CSS;
    the differences between higher and lower grades on this project will be reflective of how much extra effort you make on this part of the assignment
  9. Save changes to the web document and to the stylesheet, and then open the Project1.htm file in several browsers to verify that the layout and design resemble that shown in the image above but with your own personal information